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All Habs Hockey Magazine is currently looking to add talented, motivated and committed people to our team. You may be a student wishing to add experience or a young professional interested in broadening your credentials. Then again, you just may have a passion to contribute to our publication by sharing your expertise with our readers.

We are specifically interested in individuals who have education and/or experience in the following areas, and who can be supportive colleagues.

  • Sports Writing: Create original content that is informational, analytical or editorial
  • Translation: Language translation for English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech
  • Event Planning: Coordination of All Habs Hockey Parties in your location
  • Sponsorship and Marketing: Advertising, partnership building, seek sponsorships
  • Forum Administration: Moderate our community boards: Fantomes du Forum, The Montreal Forum
  • Multimedia: Photography and video editing
  • Graphic Design: Creative services for featured content and our websites
  • Web Development and User Support: Programming, maintenance, security and support

You should be bright, loyal, passionate and willing to dedicate yourself to a remarkable team.

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